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As you enter the building, exhausted from a long, hard day at work, your senses are immediately awakened to the fabulous aroma coming from within. What heavenly locale have you discovered? When you hire the personal chef services of Food To Grow, you've discovered what it's like to come home and just relax. You will have a tasty, nutritious meal that is ready in a snap. No dishes, no mess! Everything has been taken care of thanks to your personal chef from Food To Grow.

There is an overwhelming trend in our society towards convenience. We want it all and we want it yesterday! This has changed the way we, as a society, manage our time, and the way in which we eat.

For many busy families, processed foods such as pizzas, hamburgers, pogos and french fries have become dietary staples. Regular consumption of these types of food can lead to serious health problems in the young and old alike. Convenience eating does not have to mean 'fast food'. Nutrition does not have to take a back seat to efficiency. Nutrition versus efficiency & how can anyone afford to give up either? You don't have to! I love to cook!

Statistics Canada recently published a study indicating that Canadian families spend an average of 2 hours per day cooking, washing up and shopping for household goods. Food To Grow can help you reclaim 10-15 hours per week. Just think, no menus to plan, no groceries to shop for, no dishes to clean, no ingredients that you cannot pronounce. Best of all, the highly personalized menus are tailored uniquely to individual families and take into account any health concerns, ingredient restrictions, allergies or other dietary needs. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy! Discover what it is like to come home a  whole new way.

Michele Piironen,
Personal Chef and owner of Food To Grow

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